Ancil Hoffman Golf Club - Carmichael, CA

Tournament Index - FAQ & Qualifying Requirements

AHGC tournaments are special because we have great members, hardworking tournament directors, a marvelous course, and we use a club tournament index.

Here is an FAQ on your tournament handicap.


Members must play in at least two club tournaments during the preceding 12 months to be eligible to participate in an NCGA Qualifier or win a Club tournament designated as a "major".

The two qualifying tournaments must result in a postable tournament score for handicap purposes. In addition, a member cannot represent AHGC in the same NCGA Qualifier in consecutive years.

Q: How did I get this handicap?

A: The tournament director (TD) is the final authority on all tournament matters. The TD establishes your handicap based on the lower of your Tournament Index (TI) or your GHIN Index. However, the final decision is up to the TD. When in doubt, ask the TD.

Q: What is the TI?

A: Our club maintains an index separate from your GHIN or NCGA index. Our TI is composed solely of scores posted in club tournaments.

Q: Why do we have a TI?

A: This protects the tournament field from repeated disparity in a player’s tournament and non-tournament play.

Q: Who posts my tournament scores?

A: Your adjusted tournament scores are posted for you in the GHIN and the TI. You do not need to post your tournament scores. It is the handicap committee's responsibility to post all tournament scores.

Q: How is the TI different from the GHIN?

A: The Tournament Index (TI) is calculated using the same formula as your NCGA Index (GHIN). The difference between the two indexes is that the TI is composed solely of AHGC tournament scores. Additionally, the TI does not consider scores older than 2 years and the TI will establish an index starting on the 1st score. The TI considers the previous 20 scores that fall within the past 2 years.

Q: How can I check my TI?

A: The TI report, showing your current TI and tournament scores, is available on the club website ( This gives you the ability to exercise your rights of peer review.

Q: What if a score in the TI or GHIN is wrong?

A: The NCGA licenses our club to use the GHIN system. However, they are not the ones who manage your scores. That responsibility falls to our handicap committee. If you contact the NCGA about an incorrect posting they will point you back to the club. So, if you have a question about your handicap or need to change an incorrect score, please contact the Handicap Committee. Emails and phone numbers are on the website.

As always, play it down and post all your scores.

Patrick Harrold, AHGC Handicap Chair

For more information, here is a link to the USGA Handicapping Manual - Section 10 - which describes how your index is calculated.

USGA Handicapping Manual - Section 10